Skin Moles: Sometimes Can Be Dangerous

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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I am just wondering about people having moles on their faces and other parts of the body that sometimes could be annoying or sometimes became their greatest assets that they could be that famous. Other says that moles on any part of the body have their own roles on their life like it is some kind of a lucky charm. But in medical fields, I just have read somewhere that it could be sometimes dangerous.
Moles are growths that can appear anywhere on the skin. They may appear at birth, during childhood and in adulthood. They are usually brown or black and can darken during the teen years and during pregnancy.
Healthy or normal moles are symmetrical, one half of the mole matches the other half in size, shape, color and thickness. The border of the mole's lesion should be distinct and not scalloped or notched and should be flesh colored. If you happen to notice a mole different from the previous characteristics, you may have Melanoma, a cancer in melanocytes, or pigment-producing cells, in the skin.
In examining a malignant mole, doctors usually look for the asymmetry, the borders, the color and the depth. They also check for any signs of itchiness, tenderness, pain, bleeding or oozing as well. Sometimes, you may need to do a skin biopsy to confirm any suspicious looking moles.


Sty from Eye Makeup: Girls, Beware

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A lump or swelling of the lids may be due to hordeolum, commonly known as sty. (A sty (hordeolum) is a red, painful lump near the edge of your eyelid that may look like a boil or a pimple.) In most cases, a sty heals on its own within a few days to a week, leading to relief from symptoms. A sty especially develops in women when she shares a cosmetics or cosmetic eye tools with other people and touch, rub or scratch their eyes with dirty hands. Quick remedy for this would be applying warm compress on the infected area as often as possible until the swelling stops. If the swelling subsides but a small hard lump persists, time to go to the doctor because it may already need a minor operation.


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