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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thinking of new hairstyles? Well, maybe the following can help you decide on what style will you have. The thing is you must know first what is the real shape of your face.
Oval face shapes are perfectly in proportion, with features nicely balanced and a narrow forehead tapering into a small chin via wide, defined cheekbones. Be as daring as you wish: short, long, one-length, layers, fringes, up, off the face, or even shaved. All suit you, as you’ve no need to compensate for any dominant or weak points.

Similar to the oval, but the top half of the face is wider and narrows below the cheekbones to a delicate, yet pointed chin. Curls and waves introduced around level with the cheek bones will widen the appearance of the chin and jaw bone and make the face appear better proportioned and essentially oval.Avoid a sleek, jaw-length bobs that hug the chin, though flicked-out ends will create a more balanced outline. Again a fringe is an option.

The face is full-cheeked and circular. Keep hair sleek at the sides and lengthen the face by choosing a hairdo with plenty of volume on top. Bardotesque ‘60s-influenced styles with a bit of backcombing at the roots are ideal.
Avoid curved or geometric styles, as they will only accentuate roundness. Also avoid hard lines and wide, block fringes that finish just above the eyebrows.
Feathered or layered hair falling onto the face will help create sleeker proportions and sweepingfringes will have a slimming effect. Keep curly hair all one length and ideally long to avoid bulk. Full curls accentuate roundness,but high ponytails and up-dos with loose tendrils around the hairline and sides are all options.
A broad forehead and a strong square or angular jawline dominate your face. Slim those broad cheekbones with long styles and chin-length layers. Fringes will focus attention on your eyes: opt for longer, broken up, full ones or wispy half fringes. Textured bob cuts, which fall onto the face, and curls kissing the cheeks, will both slim down the widest points of the face and help re-balance it.
Characteristically includes a high forehead, a thin face and a well-defined, long chin. Avoid one-length, straight hair and middle partings, as perfect symmetry will make any face look longer, a side parting will be much more flattering.
Keep it soft by breaking up the length with layers at eye and cheekbone level to create texture. A curly bob or long style will shorten the length of the face.
A side parting will create an illusion of fullness. If your hair has a slight wave, use a diffuser with your hairdryer to emphasize the curls, as adding volume below the chin will balance things out a bit.
A fusion of square and heart proportions. Chin-length bobs and feathered, shoulder-length styles will emphasize those dramatic, angular planes while rounding out the chin. Heavy fringes are a good look,as are flicks or a mane of disheveled curls.

from: Womens journal


ChinkyGirLMeL March 29, 2009 at 5:43 PM  

Thanks for posting this. It was helpful

""rare*jonRez"" April 14, 2009 at 8:07 AM  

very helpful indeed! ;-)

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