Skin Moles: Sometimes Can Be Dangerous

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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I am just wondering about people having moles on their faces and other parts of the body that sometimes could be annoying or sometimes became their greatest assets that they could be that famous. Other says that moles on any part of the body have their own roles on their life like it is some kind of a lucky charm. But in medical fields, I just have read somewhere that it could be sometimes dangerous.
Moles are growths that can appear anywhere on the skin. They may appear at birth, during childhood and in adulthood. They are usually brown or black and can darken during the teen years and during pregnancy.
Healthy or normal moles are symmetrical, one half of the mole matches the other half in size, shape, color and thickness. The border of the mole's lesion should be distinct and not scalloped or notched and should be flesh colored. If you happen to notice a mole different from the previous characteristics, you may have Melanoma, a cancer in melanocytes, or pigment-producing cells, in the skin.
In examining a malignant mole, doctors usually look for the asymmetry, the borders, the color and the depth. They also check for any signs of itchiness, tenderness, pain, bleeding or oozing as well. Sometimes, you may need to do a skin biopsy to confirm any suspicious looking moles.


Sty from Eye Makeup: Girls, Beware

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A lump or swelling of the lids may be due to hordeolum, commonly known as sty. (A sty (hordeolum) is a red, painful lump near the edge of your eyelid that may look like a boil or a pimple.) In most cases, a sty heals on its own within a few days to a week, leading to relief from symptoms. A sty especially develops in women when she shares a cosmetics or cosmetic eye tools with other people and touch, rub or scratch their eyes with dirty hands. Quick remedy for this would be applying warm compress on the infected area as often as possible until the swelling stops. If the swelling subsides but a small hard lump persists, time to go to the doctor because it may already need a minor operation.


Gums and Candies: Good for our Teeth?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gums and Candies are good for your teeth.
This is definitely sweet tooth can smile about. According to research, sugar alcohol sweetener present in most gums and candies called Xylitol are beneficial to our dental health.The World Health Organization has reted Xylitol as a safe food additive. Xylitol, a natural sugar found in the fiber of most fruits and vegetables, helps avert the development of tooth decay causing bacteria.Saliva is made more alkaline by Xylitol therby preventing bad bacteria from sticking to tooth surface. The bad bacteria is unable to digest xylitol thus preventing plaque and tartar build up.Studies show that 4 to 12 grams of Xylitol per day is effective. This is administered using chewing gum, candy or pastilles after eating and after clearing the mouth by gargling water. source: discover magazine
I am one of those who smile while reading this. Yes, I have a sweet tooth. I prefer eating more sweets. I don't know why but that's the way I feel and I am happy enough when I got to eat sweet foods as if its makes my whole day complete. 


Getting in Shape

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Smart eating and regular exercise are keys to a healthy heart.

To eat smart, choose vegetable, fruits, fiber, lean cuts of meat anf pork, skinless chicken and fish. Avoid high-fat meats like sausage, burgers, pastries and high-sugar food and drinks.

Exercise for at least 30 minutes everyday, five days a week. Make regular exercise enjoyable by exercising with a buddy, playing upbeat songs while working out or getting glammed up in nice exercise clothes.
During your next visit to the doctor, ask how you can raise your HDL (high-density lipoprotein) levels and keep your bad cholesterol low to protect yourself against life-threatening cardiovascular ailments.
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When Nothings Left...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Working is too far different from studying. That's what I've realized, a year after I got my first job. Growing up, I've always wanted for the best life for me and my family. I've always dreamed for a new house, new environment, lots of money, etc. And in my 5 years of working, I could say that I may not have made them all came true, I am proud that my family is not the same as what we are way back then. Brought by so many consequences, it is so real that life do change as time do pass by.
In a simple life like mine, I have used to buy things that I thought I could be so happy if I have them and experience what others have. Like, having the latest cellphone, laptops, TV, DVD players, MP3's, MP4's, video cams and etc.. Well, all of them could make our lives easy and stylish of course. I may not be looking and buying those branded gadgets, (well I am more on specs) but I am so used to analyze of what they could do for me. Yes, I've enjoyed so much using those things but in the end, I also realized that I could not ignore my family's request. My cellphone, last year, goes to Dubai with my brother (My Precious Goes to UAE), my laptop goes to my parents, as well as my other things, well I am so miserable if I would think that nothings left for me. But somehow, teached me that happiness is not in those things but in what you have inside your heart. Be happy and contented on what you have even how simple it may be.
Wondering what I have now???
My Gadgets
Yes! That's the simplest truth. Back to the simplest cellphone and my old toy, Brick Game. hahaha, most importantly, I could enjoy every minute of my life and could sleep early at night. No more chats, movies at night, no more cellphone games and other things. 


Drinking Companion: My Mug and Tumbler

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Well, clean and clear, I need a change, isn't it? I love this mug so much. I've used it I think a year and still I want to use it as long as I could. But eventually, I more on need something that could be that easy and flexible to use, from hot water, coffee unto cold juices. Having my beloved mug cracked, it made me worry to break it while using it. I will be storing this one on my collections of old stuffs and forever cherish the times that we shared. Thank you my blue princess mug.

And then, after thinking of what will fit on my daily drinking routines, here it is. Presenting my new drinking companion. ***drumroll***

Hope we could make memories for a very long time. I will be taking care of you, promise. 


Chocolates and Me

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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"Chocolates are good for the heart", I think I have read this somewhere. Yeah, I agree...and chocolates are always the one given to a girl together with flowers. Hmm, I wondered why then and later on I discovered that chocolates have this good effect on our emotions. I think I also read this somewhere. lolz. But the thing I am surely know, I love Chocolates!

The one thing that I have discovered about chocolates and me is that every time I ate chocolate, I will sneeze. Yes, any chocolate. Is it allergy? Ahh, I really can't explain. I don't even noticed something like allergies on skin or whatever. I am not bothered going to a doctor, because, well, it's just a one or two sneeze after my first bite or sometimes after I ate the whole chocolate that I have in hand. Anyways, I am just sharing. Maybe someone out there have the same experience too. If, yes, I am hopeful to know if there is an explanation about this.


BC Bloggers: What am I Grateful for Recently?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Everyday must be wonderful for all of us but there are times we feel down and hate the day so much. Well, that's normal I think. That's what makes life balance. 

What am I grateful for recently is that my husband and I just got our copy of our wedding photos and videos. Happy to see them. Yes, we have a new life to start. The results are wonderful. We are very much satisfied. Thanks to Jommar S. Lopez Digital Photography. Also, I want to thank all my friends, relatives, officemates and all the people who witnessed our special day for their presence, we appreciate your full support and efforts.


Thanks for last week's participants:


BC Bloggers: Food that Takes Me Back to my Childhood

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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Childhood memories are always precious. We tend to smile once we remember one, isn't it? One of the best reminder: FOOD. Once we eat or see a food that means a lot to us especially reminding us of our childhood, we always smile or tell our friends about it. For me, that food is COTTON CANDY. Different colors, cotton-look-a-like, seems yummy to eat. I can't forget the first time I bought and ate a cotton candy. I always thought of it as cottony, mouth-watering but eventually, it makes thorny feeling on my tongue. Funny but I liked it of course. I never thought of a kid not wanting this candy. From the colorful appearance up to its sweet tastes, no kid would ignore it. Until now, I really don't know what are the ingredients of this one, only I know, of course theres a lot of sugar and maybe food colors. I don't know either how it is made. All I knew is  it is made through a machine that maybe designed for making cotton candies. It's like magic to me really.


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Top Droppers for May 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time for thanksgiving again. For my top droppers, as usual I am giving my sidebar as free advertisement for your sites, sign of my appreciation of your effort and time visiting mine. I am hoping that I could eventually return the favor by displaying your badges. Thank you so much. Cheers!


BC Bloggers Meme #2: How Much Time Do You Spend on Facebook?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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A lot!!!

I could say that I am a facebook addict. Why? It is because I can't resist the urge to check my account every 5 minutes. Even in my office hours, I spend a lot of time checking updates and status of my friends (but ofcourse not affecting my job). Actually I don't have that lots of friends like others having thousands. At first, I don't really know how to use this social networking site, I thought it is more complicated but when I tried it once, it became addicting, adding the convincing powers of my friends to just even try it once. That once did a great effect on me. It is more user friendly than what I am using and honestly saying, I could not even open my old social networking account because my attention is on facebook. 
Almost all of my friends, classmates, relatives and people I know have an account and all of the news about lives are almost posted on their walls. I even have met my cousins and other relatives on this network, having them unknown to me since birth. So there's no way on resisting what facebook could offer. Adding the photos and video uploads, where sometimes are helpful finding who you wants to find. What I think is that, some government offices could easily trace a person just by looking at the person's accounts (if they are using their real names). But ofcourse it could not be that accurate. 
For now, I am using this free instant messenger linking to my facebook, YM, gmail and other accounts. It is more helpful because I don't need to open my account just to check for updates, messages and invites because this messenger gives me pop up notices on my desktop if one of my friend updated or posted something. I even use this for facebook chatting. Using this almost lessen my urge to open my account every minute.
Well, summarizing, FACEBOOK is GREAT!!! Everyone would agree but using this should not affect our everyday chores. There are lots of sites for us that could even help us earn money while browsing, just like blogging. It could also be linked to facebook. So just try and facebook could be helpful.


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I am Joining: LEVYtate and WIN a total of $500 worth of CASH and PRIZES!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Just by looking at the prizes, who could ask for more? Another great contest it is!!! I am a blogger always waiting for this kind of contest, trying and trying, saying "No harm on trying, atleast I tried".

Contest Duration: May 16, 2011 to June 30, 2011

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For more information, follow this link: Living Life to the Fullest!


10 Things You Don't Know About Hair

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Being a woman, one of the best assets that I could think of is our hair. My mom said that I have this very good hair strands since I was a child but upon aging and reaching my high school days, it became less healthy, I could say. Why? Because I have this bald top, the one that if you are on the top seat next to mine, you would laugh seeing my top head. There you could see my scalp directly. I have used all possible shampoos and techniques that I could think of and others recommended but theres no way of bringing it back to my old good hair. I don't even know the main reason why I got this problem but I am thankful of course that my hair is still straight even the strands are thin. I am worrying of brushing my hair because of hair falling. I am afraid that it could make my problem worse. Last year I got my hair curled, then after that I got my hair rebonded. Some says it is not advisable but I take all the risk in the name of beautification. Well, experiments are not bad and as I've learned that my baldness could be hided, making styles different hair styles.
As I was browsing some magazines, this trivia portion caught my attention because of my interests on hair researches and informations. It is sometimes good to read some trivias and make sounds like "ahh that's it!" or "oww, is that true?" My brother keeps on laughing at me when I am on that mood of reading because he said it was just me, reading but its like as if  I am talking with someone. Here we go guys, just read and be amazed. :D
1. Children loose an average of 90 strands of hair a day. This count increases to 120 for adults.
2. Scalp hairs grow at a rate of 1 to  1.5 cm per year.
3. The average scalp has 100 thousand to 150 thousand hairs.
4. The life expectancy of hair is 3 years or over 60 cm.
5. Hair is the second fastest growing tissue in the body after bone marrow.
6. A single hair strand can support up to 100 grams in weight and a whole head of hair can support up to 12 tons-equivalent to 2 african elephants.
7. Africans and Europeans are more prone to balding than Asians.
8. The word shampoo comes from the Hindi CHMPN which means to massage or knead.
9. 1 cm of your hair holds all your personal record of the past month.What you ate, drank and the environments your were in.
10. Melanin gives hair its color. These are made up of dark (eumelanins) and yellow (phaeomelanins) granules called melanocytes that mix together to obtain different shapes of hair color.
image from: google images


Blog Back to Life Again

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello everyone. Long time no post eh?? Sorry peeps. In the past two months I discovered my self in no turning back changes of life. I got married with my long time boyfriend last May 8, 2011 and I would tell the whole story in my future blog posts. For now, I am here, announcing my blog coming back to life again. I am looking forward to a new life here in blogosphere and still be giving my points of view and little stories of my new life. Opinions and stories that I want to be one of my ways of helping everyone to improve their own life's. 
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Top Droppers for February 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It is late again. Sorry peepz...Maybe I should make a reminder starting today. My memory gap sometimes attacks me badly. Oh, I hate to hear it from myself but it is the truth. I should accept the fact that I am not getting any younger. Yeah, that's right. So things should come with post it or alarm for reminders and I will remind myself for that. Urrgg..
So for my Entrecard Linky Love for last month, you are getting my sidebar for your badges. Let me spread your sites and hopefully I could help and bring the favor back. Here we go: ***Drumroll***


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The Vampire Diaries: Caroline's Love for Matt

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Love sometimes is difficult to express. No one could ever explain even the miracles of it. But sometimes in our lives, there are times that we need to express it in different way just to prove it. Sometimes we need to show our hidden talents just to make that special person realize how much love we had for them. That was amazing, very much amazing.
I am a big fan of The Vampire Diaries. Every week I used to wait for the latest downloadable episodes (since we have no Cable connection at home). I had read the books and became interested watching the series since it became controversial then, conflicting the Twilight series. For me, they were both fantastic, having the same theme but different styles of course. Anyway, last night, I am so excited to watch the latest two episodes of season 2 (ep. 15 and 16). After a week of busy schedules plus the week of sadness for our family,I want to just sit and relax. But it was too boring so I decided to just watch the episodes before I go to sleep. Well, 2 hours is bad enough if I would just sit and do nothing, isn't it?
To make my story short, I love Vampire Diaries because of episodes full of twists. I love the Salvatore brothers the most, Damon and Stefan, adding Elena Gilbert, her best friends Bonnie and Caroline. I love Caroline for her being confused of her life but being a good friend for Elena. She became a vampire alone and knows how hard it is if you have this kind of secret that you could only rely to yourself. But then, the Salvatore brothers makes it easy for her, especially Stefan. He help her control the urge of needing human blood. She has this feeling for Matt before she became a vampire but sadly, she could not tell the truth to Matt. Their relationship have this twisting from yes and no, even though they truly have their feelings for each other. That was why I realize to post this Caroline scene singing a song for Matt. It was so great. She is a great singer huh...I love her voice. This is what I am saying, talents must be shown for your love to be expressed.
It is great to have your Daily Notes at hand
for special days like this.


My Way of Saying Goodbye

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I spent my weekend with my friends, have a good time watching "Pyrolympics at Mall of Asia" and "Musical Fountain Show at Manila Ocean Park". I felt so happy enough to enjoy those days because all my life, I never had spent time going out and having my self expose to sunlight and enjoying much of my time. The weird thing is, which I don't really understand, but sometimes when I am in my happiest moment, terrible things happen. After that 2 days of enjoyment, I cried a lot the next days until now, mourning the loss of my beloved and like a younger brother-to-me cousin. We really didn't expect. I have this feeling that I must not be that happy to avoid these kind of things. Or should I think that it is just a coincidence?
Knowing him as the quiet, always smiling and kind boy, willing and always helping his family, at the age of 19, he died. Everybody says, "why him?" but no one could answer it right. Sometimes life could be so unfair, unfair that nobody could understand. All we need is to accept the fact that his life is only until that day. Maybe he served his mission here on earth and we have to be happy for him, maybe he is in heaven right now.
Rest in Peace my dear cousin. We love you and will stay in our hearts forever. Your kindness will be our inspiration.


Page Rank: 2

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wow, surprised! I can't believe it! When I checked my PR yesterday, I repeated it again and again just to make it sure that my eyes is not cheating me. It seems that for so many months with N/A Rank, I don't really expect that it will go back to PR2. After changing my theme last month, I checked all the possible reasons why I can't get a PR, read almost every article discussing on how to increase it. The one that really confused me is about the www and non-www sites. I don't know how could I redirect my site to the one I preferred to use. I can't change it in my webmaster tools either. So I think I can't go any further but just to wait and go with the flow, post and visit sites everyday. I lose hope of having a PR and only expect visits from my co-bloggers and doing my everyday chores of blog hopping and then sharing my life to the readers. It is my life since I lost my PR last year and I am happy of reading comments and messages on my posts and message box. But now that I got what I am looking for, I don't know what to say but "Thank you Google".


When I met Hachiko: The Faithful Dog

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Me and my friend have watched the movie "Hachiko: A Dog's Story" last night. I actually am not familiar with the movie until one of my officemate told me. I already have been hooked knowing that it is about a dog, and all my life, I love dogs and cats very much.
Watching the movie, seriously, makes me feel that I am the one taking care of Hachi, and dreaming to have a dog like him, so cute, adorable and loyal. The story begins with young students telling story about their "Hero" and one of the student is the grandchild of Parker, the one who find Hachi at the train station. The child told the beginning of where they think Hatchi came from and how his grand father take his time finding the one who owns Hatchi. No one claims Hatchi and everyday that he was with the dog makes him more closer of keeping him. Time goes by and Hatchi learns the routine of walking together with Parker to the train station every morning, returning home and comes back to the train station every 5PM to meet Parker and they walk home together making Hatchi well known on that train station. Every persons he passed by would great him and they know where will Hatchi go. One of the traits he found about Hatchi is he refuses to do the normal dog-like things like chase and retrieve a ball. Suddenly one day, it seems like Hatchi don't want Parker to leave, and do the chasing and retrieving the ball which makes Parker happy that he see Hatchi do it for the first time. It is odd for him, but he is happy, he told Hatchi to go home but Hatchi refuses, until he ride the train, hatchi go home and returned to the train station at 5PM, but Parker did not arrive. He died. But Hatchi still waited for him not knowing that he don't have to wait anymore.
The rest of the story is so sad that keeps my tears roll over and over. It is at the end that we realized that it was a true story. Hachi has a statue because of him being faithful. It is a sad night to sleep and until I woke up this morning, I am sad when I thought about the movie. It is certainly for dog lovers.


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