Once Upon a Time in Baclaran

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Once upon a time...(ooopps...sounds like a cinderella story huh :D )...there was me and my friends went to Baclaran church to attend a mass and eventually after that may have some things to buy for ourselves. Baclaran is one of the most visited place in Metro Manila, not only because of the well-known Baclaran Church, the home of Our Mother of Perpetual Help but also because it has the number of dry goods and flea markets (tiangge) surrounding it where we could buy anything from clothes, electronics, home decors and traditional medicines at very affordable prices. Wednesday is Baclaran day meaning if we will go there on that day of the week, we could witness a huge crowd gathering there to attend the mass. Trivia: once you visit a church for the first time, it is said that before you go inside, you must utter a wish and that wish will come true. In my four (4) years of stay in Manila, it is a shame to tell that it was my first time to visit the church. I've been hearing it since my elementary years and yet I could not get a time going there. The reasons, I don't know how to get there, I don't know where it is located exactly and I can't convince someone to accompany me. Going in a place solo is not fun and I am confessing that sometimes I am afraid to go somewhere I am not used to know without anyone beside me. Due to traffic jam, we are late for the last mass that morning. We arrived at the church at exactly 15 minutes before it ends. We spent an hour inside the church, wondered and amazed on how big it was, dreaming to walk on that long aisle wearing a white gown and someone was waiting for you on the altar. Now that was what we call day dreaming. hehehe.

Anyway, to continue the story. An hour later, we are one of the crowds looking for something to buy. Like in Divisoria, Baclaran is a noisy place. You could hear a lot of music loud playing on the background and sometimes we could not stop ourselves to slightly dance on the music. There was this small stall selling slippers and managed by an old lady. While waiting for one of our colleagues buying staff for herself, we stand in front of that stall, slighty dancing and heard the old lady says "Hey, stop dancing in front of my goods, if you want to dance, go there on the middle of the road!" Aw, that was rude or do we really have the mistakes. Our next stop is in stalls of sunglasses. No funny moments there. Next is on RTW shirts. We spent almost an hour picking and buying but upon looking on the face and hearing the voice of the seller, I could say she's pissed of. Why again? Oh Oh I really don't know. Next stop, just looking, wondering on the beauty of the dress selling by an old man. We asked on how much it cost, hold the item for a second then decided we are not going to buy it. We said our thank you and leave the stall then heard the old man say "You four ladies, looking on my goods yet you are not going to buy! Go home!" Ouch again, watta attitude? We can't really explain. We are customers and as far as I know "Customers are always right." But on that experience, I am afraid I can't really go there alone. People are not that hospitable or maybe we are totally not lucky that day. What an experience but I could say at the end of that day, exhausted but enjoyed and satisfied.


Heightened Sense of Smell

Friday, September 24, 2010

Our sense of smell makes our life more enjoyable. Starting from the food we eat, environment we have, up to the warning signs for our daily life. Losing it will cause much trouble, isn't it? What if having so much of it? Yeah, I am experiencing it right now. I am normally don't have that strong sense of smelling. I am the last person to smell something. It works fine with me because it doesn't affect my everyday chores.

For the last 2 weeks, I have this mild runny nose but instead of losing my sense of smell, it became terrible. From home to work, it is really annoying. I smell every dust, every smoke, every perfumes, every smell that I could smell. Terrible because it sticks on my nose badly that I want to throw up. I've done searches on the net and all I've read was it usually happens during PREGNANCY. Whaatt??? Of course I am sure that I am not pregnant guys, I just have a mild runny nose. *hehehe* But why I am experiencing this?
image source: google images


iPad and Notebooks

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I have experienced using this gadget because of my techie-lover boss. It is really amazing. I could possibly enjoy iPad if I could own one. Putting it on my wish list and hopefully it would not stay that long in wishes. *wink* I am a netbook owner and enjoying it but why in this earth that when I heard about Apple creations, I could not afford to just ignore it as if just seeing its logo on every car that I see in streets, every bags and everything where, I am dreaming about having one. But in the case that it is not that affordable for me, I just can't blame myself to wish and wish for it someday. Just wondering, what will Apple could have in 10 years after now? Anyways, why is it that this iPad is hurting the sales of notebooks/netbooks nowadays. Want to know why? Apple released the iPad in April 2010 and sold 3 million of the devices in 80 days. Amazing, isn't it? Here are the answers that I've read from eweek newsletter sent to me through email.

The Mobility Factor
Notebooks were initially so successful because of a user’s ability to carry them around wherever they went. But some laptops can be heavy. The iPad doesn’t suffer from that. It’s slimmer even than any notebook, it’s lightweight and it delivers the kind of mobility that, so far, notebooks haven’t been able to match.

Notebooks prices are cheap nowadays, but with the entry-level fee of $499, most would agree that the iPad is an attractive buy. For that price, the consumer is getting the same exact device as the top iPad model, less 3G and extra storage. A $500 laptop will likely include inferior components, little storage, and even less RAM. It’s underwhelming, to say the least. Consumers don’t want inferior products and with that kind of choice, they will opt for the iPad.

Apple’s Allure
Over the past 10 years, Apple has become synonymous with outstanding products that provide a much different and superior experience over other devices on the market. With that in mind, it’s likely that the Apple logo alone is enough to pull consumers to the iPad, rather than a competing notebook.

It’s Better than a MacBook
Although some are focusing on the iPad beating Windows-based PCs, the reality is, Apple’s tablet is also cutting into MacBook sales. And the reasons for that are simple: the MacBook is a middle-of-the-road product that doesn’t offer the mobility of the iPad nor the power of the MacBook Pro. When consumers realize that, they opt for either of those products, rather than the MacBook.

App Store
Then you must not discount the value of Apple’s App Store. With more than 250,000 applications available, it’s a place where consumers can extend the functionality of Apple’s tablet. Plus, worthwhile applications can be downloaded for little or no fee. That’s a far cry from the sometimes-wildly-expensive desktop applications available for notebooks. Granted, those programs are more robust, but if it’s simple, easy functionality users are after, Apple’s App Store delivers a better experience.

It’s the iPhone Without the Fee
Although Apple offers a 3G version of its iPad, which requires customers to pay $15 or $30 per month based on data usage, most consumers view the iPad as a way to save money when compared to the iPhone. After all, it provides the same functionality as the iPhone, offers access to the same apps, and over the course of 24 months, costs much less, since the iPhone requires data and calling plans. Consumers looking to save money and still have iPhone-like functionality are looking toward the iPad. And they’re forgetting about notebooks.

The Coolness Factor
It might sound simplistic, but the iPad is widely viewed to be a "cool" device. And that alone makes the iPad worthwhile. Apple has proven over the past few years that tech devices can be an extension of who a person really is. And consumers have shown that they want to be proud to show off their tech toys in public. They can be proud with the iPad and its "wow" factor. The same isn’t true with notebooks.

Some would argue that laptops and notebooks provide a more robust multimedia experience, since their browsers support Flash. But for most consumers, the iPad is the chosen multimedia device in the mobile-computing environment. The iPad boasts a sizable 10-inch display, it allows for Netflix streaming, and it provides easy access to iTunes video and audio content. Granted, any laptop can perform all those tasks, as well, but the iPad oozes entertainment. Laptops and notebooks tend to indicate work. And that’s not something that draws in consumers.

Most Folks Already Have Some Type of Laptop
It’s not a stretch to say that some consumers who have a finite budget evaluate their current laptops, decide that they can live with it for another year and opt for an iPad over a new laptop. After all, they can use the old laptop for productivity-based tasks and the iPad for everything else. Plus, Apple’s tablet is readily affordable.

Laptops Are Boring
As soon as someone compares the iPad to a laptop, they will quickly realize one undeniable fact: Laptops are boring. Laptops look like the past. They have physical keyboards, they fold up and they’re somewhat bulky. Apple’s iPad boasts a touch screen, a virtual keyboard and all the latest functionality consumers are looking for. It’s fun and it’s fresh. That’s one of the main reasons why consumers are opting for it over boring, old Laptops.

But on top of this, I could positively say that every creations of different technology gadget companies have their own differences and advantage with others. We could apply here the saying that "No one is perfect." The important thing is we could appreciate what we have and possibly enjoying every bit of it.


Are you a Workaholic?

Friday, September 17, 2010

A successful career is built over a certain period of time that became the main reason of why a person could be a workaholic. What is a workaholic? Hmmm, the simple definition. Workaholics live for their work, often spending many extra hours at work and oftentimes taking work home just to finish it.There are many reasons why a person becomes workaholc and to give some:

1. Societal. Workers don't bother to take vacations partly because of fears they ma not have a job to come back if they do.
2. Technology.Nowadays we live and work in a connected environment making it hard for us to truly get time away from work.
3. Financial. Same reason as societal. Job is important to earn money.

But for whatever reasons we have, workaholism can be a serious condition that can lead to the destruction of families and serious stress related problems.

To identify yourself if you are a workaholic or not, here are the signs:
1. Whenever you delegate a task, you can't let it go because "nobody can do it like I can."
2. When asked the question "Who are you?," you immediately think of five work-related qualities to describe yourself, and virtually none that aren't related to your job.
3. There is no specific time when work ends.
4. Even if you are "off" from work, you're restless and even anxious, thinking about what you need to do when you get back in the office.
5. You replay work conversations in your head all the time, even when away from the office.
6. Work excites you more than anything you have going on in your personal life.
7. You haven't been in touch with family members in weeks,, or months. You haven't been in touch with once-close friends for months, or years.
8. Your family members/loved ones no longer act surprise or dissappointed that you cancel time with them, or are hours late for events. Or get on the smart phone to put out an office fire when you're with them.
9. You think about solving work problems while driving and trying to get to sleep- and while someone else is talking to you about someting completely unrelated to your job.
10. Whatever you do, you're constantly being told it's not good enough. but it's not a boss or customer saying this. It's you.

To help you take away this workaholism:
1. Gravitate toward work that you do for your iwn fulfillment, as opposed to doing it to gain someone else's "approval" or simply to make money/advance in position.
2. Establish clear boundaries between your work and private life. Set aside "no work zones"within your home physical space, as well as during certain times of the day. And that includes calling up your work e-mails.
3. Leave work at work. Spend time with family, friends discussing other topics instead of office "war stories."
4. Build a fulfilling life away from work. Volunteer, join activity clubs that interest you, set personal goals to achieve non-work related "life milestones" anything to get you productive, occupied and happy doing something that has nothing to do with your job.


Beautiful Blogger Award

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thanks to Ms. Fhaye of Living and Wellness for this pretty Beautiful Blogger Award. I appreciate it a lot. I am passing this award to 10 fantastic bloggers I discovered recently within the blogosphere that I think are awesome. Keep up sharing your thoughts guys.


Don't forget to:
  • Thank and link to the person that gave you the award.
  • Pass this award onto 10 bloggers you've recently discovered and think are fantastic.
  • Contact said Blogs and let them know they've won.
  • State 7 things about yourself.

7 Things About Me:
1. I love reading and collecting books. It makes me feel contented when I see them in a bookshelf.
2. I bought a bicycle even if I can't ride on it, I want to learn but I am afraid to get bruises. I also want to learn how to drive.
3. My biggest fear is seeing a lizard 2-3 meters away from me.
4. I can't cook. I love eating sweets.
5. I am a quiet type of person but I could be so talkative when someone triggers me.I will laugh even in a corniest joke.lolz.
6. I love cats and dogs so much.
7. Lacking in height sometimes make me feel pity for myself but oftentimes push me to have strong determination to prove myself.


Thought for the Day

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Glitter Words
Glitter Words
Glitter Words

-- Oscar Wilde

As a result of nothing to post, I just want to share this quotation I've read over my net surfing. What does it really means? For me, maybe it means that I am not fascinating at all. Why? Because maybe I am at the middle of this two. *wink* May I ask, how about you?


Adgitize 3rd Proof of Payment

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hey guys, here is my 3rd proof of payment from Adgitize. If you would notice, its quite bigger than the $10 payout. It is because I registered last month (August 2010) as an Advertiser. I am happy that after 6 months of on and off blogging, I ended up paid once again by this wonderful advertising site for bloggers. Anyways, my experience as an Advertiser, hmmm, its quite good, I did have a lots of traffic last month and I am happy with the results. I earned a total of $16.3 as an Advertiser, I paid $14, so the total income I got is $2.3, not bad of course because I earned lots of traffic plus lots of comments plus lots of friends and new blogs discovered. I will surely continue my ad with the network. Keep up the good work Adgitize and thank you.


Hair Rebond or Hair Relax?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Hair is referred to as the crowning glory of a woman"

Yeah, I know this is very very true. I used to take a second glance when I am seeing ladies with beautiful, long, shiny, black, straight hair. I don't know why, but it always happens automatically. I could only say to myself that maybe I have this sort of desires of having the same hair.
For a very long time, I always have this plan of having a hair treatment. I just have a little doubt about it. I don't know how my hair will react on the treatment and I am afraid of suffering from hair loss or hair damage or something. I actually have this problem on hiding my bald top since college. My mom told me that I have a great hair since I was a kid. My dad loves my hair long and straight so I don't have any hair style other than straight long hair with straight cut ends, not until college. I got my hair cut in different styles but maintained it long. I have classmates who could afford regular hair treatments and since then I planned on having the same but until now I can't find my guts on that matter. Maybe because of my busy schedules plus tight budget but if I could have time one of these days, I will be visiting a salon. I am interested on this hair rebond or hair relax thing and got my research on these two process of treatment. Here it is:

Hair rebond and hair relax are both hair straightening treatment. It makes your hair straight ofcourse and mostly, the solutions being used for both process are the same. They differs only on how they are applied.
Relax involves application of the straigthening solution with light hair ironing taking an hour or more depending on your hair lenght while rebond involves repeated application of straightening solutions combined with heavy ironing of thin strands of hair which will take about 4 or more hours.
Rebonding effects should be permanent except when hair regrows while relax is temporary and can last only about two to three months but sometimes it depends on how you take good care of your hair. Like any other beauty treatments, it requires regular maintenance (hot oil, hair spa, etc.) to keep it straight and healthy. But the best thing to do is to visit a reputable salon to make sure that your hair could have the best treatment and also were using branded solutions from well known manufacturers.

Hmm, based on my keen observing, rebonding is much expensive than hair relaxing but surely it is very much worth it. Hopefully, before this year ends, I could fulfill this one.


Yummy or Not??? Part 3

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Photo taken last July 18, 2010

Yummy or not??? Home made pizza courtesy of my officemate's mother. I think I ate 2 or 3, not slices huh, but a whole pie. Yay!!!


Top Droppers August 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another month has ended and welcome to "BER" months. For my top droppers of August, thank you for your visits and as to show my big thanks and as I promised, your badges will be displayed on my sidebar for a month. Hope this could help you. Happy blogging everyone!


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