Privacy and Respect

Sunday, August 29, 2010

These two words always puzzled me and keeps me thinking. I am a person with high respect with other people's privacy and I am really expecting for them to respect mine. I just couldn't get the point...we have a mind to think, a mouth to speak and a heart to feel. As my saying goes "Anything, just tell me first." It degrades a person's value when you did it first before you say anything that you've done. Life, sometimes, is really unfair. The least you expect the more it surprises you. I really don't know, whom to trust now.
In this point of life, I am wondering why there are people that are happy invading others private property. Where is their respect? Are they not ashame of themselves? A question comes my mind "Will they be angry to me if I do the same to them?" Maybe..."YES!"
This is my conclusion. When you invade others privacy, it is the straight to the point way of saying that the person's right to secrecy is not important or directly asserting that the person himself is less of a person or less worthy of respect than you are. Why is that so? We are all human beings entitled for our own thoughts and things. Choosing to keep that thoughts or things or place to ourselves means we have a pretty good reasons for doing so. Is it hard to respect?


Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 not close please. Just read, maybe it could help. I've been using google chrome browser today and surprised when I open my site (angelrhona), this warning sign appears:

Do you encountered something like this? I also opened my site in my mozilla firefox browser and it goes well, no warning signs. I am wondering why? Anyway, having this red background, it seems to be a virus to me. I have read the contents of course because it is my site, I don't want my visitors to just close my site and not even take a glance on it. Curiosity hits me and I have click this message on the warning sign (2nd paragraph if you could read in the photo):
For detailed information about the problems with these elements, visit the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for
And this is what it says:

Well, thats it. And to tell you what I've done...I logged in my blogger account, find my entrecard page element/gadget, clicked edit and checked on a word and erased totally the whole html tag containing it. They call it entrecard chicklets anyways.
For your information, I put the code on my site, I think a few weeks ago because I got interested in showing my popularity rate in entrecard, I am seeing a lot of that on other sites and it happens that I read something about it while I am blog hopping, followed the instructions, got the html code and pasted it in my site. It is running perfectly until this message appear so I think I don't have any choice but to erase it.


Backache Again and Again

Monday, August 23, 2010

It is one that I noticed to myself. I am suffering from backache specially when the weather changes. The worst thing is that it always happens when it is time for me to sleep, keeping me awake until midnight and then when I wake up in the morning I am having a hard time rising from bed. I am doing some stretching just to ease the pain but it still aches. Sometimes I am thinking of going to a Spa to have a whole body massage but the problem is I don't have time for that plus I don't have the budget. In that case, I am ending in taking pain relievers for me to feel better.
imagesource: yogapoint


I Belonged to the Group?!?

Friday, August 20, 2010

I used to go home every weekend for me to spend my weekdays with my family. Mom always expect me to be home during that days of the week. Having a job far from our home, I feel always excited about it. TGIF and TGIS are my expressions when Fridays and Saturdays come. I have this one experience that I couldn't forget and always leave me smiling when I think of it. Here it goes:
One time, when I was riding in a bus on my way home, the conductor (the one who gives ticket and collects fare from passengers) gave me my fare ticket. I usually read the amount first before I put it on the pocket of my bag even though I know it is the same amount as my previous ride. Habit I think, which is good though. It happens that day that the amount on my ticket is cheaper than the previous week.
First thing that comes my mind is to ask the ticketing man if the amount on my ticket was right but hesitated for a second but decided to ask. That time, I don't know why is it too noisy on the bus that when I asked about my ticket I almost didn't hear the explanation. It takes time before it sank in my mind. He said, "We have a promo Mam, and since our passengers are almost senor citizens, all the passengers of this bus will be having a senor citizens discount." It is when I noticed that the passengers are 90% senor citizens. I thought again that maybe I have the mistake of not reading the sign board. Maybe the bus I was riding are for them. And then, the old lady beside me told me, "You must not have asked, are you not happy that your fare is 20% off?" I smiled at her and didn't answer. I should be happy but I have to ask. "Honesty is the best policy" after all. I laughed at myself. Lucky me for having a 20% discount on my fare and poor me that at my age (25) I belong to senor citizens group that day. I am thankful though.
Well, that's life, always full of surprises, isn't it? The most important thing for me is that I have the time to be thankful for everyday that was given me.


Let us Join ENVEEUS.COM First Contest!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Blog hopping and I read this wonderful contest by Bella Enveeus of I love joining blog contest although I am not that lucky to win, but it is really good that sometimes we tried than not, isn't it? Miss Bella loves contests also and she come up with her first ever contest. She is a Malay girl who loves to write and make online business.

This contest is divided into two parts:
* for Malaysian bloggers
* for International (all non-Malaysian) bloggers

Prizes :

Malaysian Bloggers

International Bloggers

First : RM200 cash

One written post dedicated for winner.

Second : RM150 cash

Winner's link placed at the top of my

blog for 15 days.

Third : RM80 cash

First : USD25 cash

10,000 EC credits

Second : USD15 cash

5,000 EC credits

Third : USD 10 cash

2,500 EC credits

Contest starts on 18th AUGUST 2010 and will end on 30th SEPTEMBER 2010. Winners will be notified and prizes will be given out by first week of October. Cash prizes will be sent through Maybank2u (for Malaysian winners) and Paypal (for International winners).

Sponsors :
Meow Diaries 1,000 EC credits
Mariuca's Perfume Gallery 1,000 EC credits
Mariuca 1,000 EC credits

For the mechanics, please proceed to Ms. Bella's site: ENVEEUS


Feeling Blue?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Feeling weak. Feeling lonely. Feeling blue. Thats what I feel this past few days. Why? I am asking it to myself over and over again but still no answers. I used to be a cheerful girl, I want my environment as cheerful as I am but there are times that I feel this kind of feeling that I can't really explain. Somebody, I need an advice to cheer me up.


Changing My Blog Template

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I am planning of changing again my blog template within this week. Although I am very satisfied with the appearance of my current template, I have this problems in its features and I don't know how to really fix it. Maybe I will be needing a help on finding a new one for my blog. Do you have any suggestions guys, any sites where I could find one? I need one that I can be easily managed, maybe a 3 or 4 column template, user friendly.
image from: allisonbliss


Onbux 1st Proof of Payment

Thursday, August 12, 2010

ONBUX is one of the new PTC sites that caught my interests. It runs like NEOBUX. I joined the site sometime on June 2010 and here is my first proof of payment. Many of us don't trust PTC sites because some of them are scam turning out to be a failure to those who spent their time clicking for no sense. As this is my first payment, I will truly continue clicking advertisements because now I know this site is legit. Keep up the good work Onbux!!!

If you are interested to join, you can register here: ONBUX

What you get as a member:

Pioneer Membership:
Per click: $0.01
Per referral click: $0.005

Standard Membership:
Per click: $0.01
Per referral click: $0.005

Golden Membership:
Per click: $0.01
Per referral click: $0.01

Ultimate Membership:
Per click: $0.02
Per referral click: $0.01

Payment :
PayPal, AlertPay, Neteller and Liberty Reserve

The first time you'll need $ 2.00 or more to make the cashout using your payment method. This amount will increase by $1.00 for each cashout until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $10.00.

Hope this posts answers those who doubt on this PTC site. Good Luck guys.


Sleepy Head

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

He is our baby at home. His name is PEDRING, sometimes I laugh at his name but my name isn't that good to hear also. Well that makes us even. I don't know if he laughs at my name the way I do. Lol. Sometimes he has this mood swings and sometimes he is very sweet. I love him when he sleeps. That was the only time he allows me to touch his belly. I love his belly very much, soft and smooth. I don't know why he don't like his belly to be touched. Maybe its a little uncomfortable to him. He used to bite me when I did, but it doesn't hurt. When my room mates saw his photos, they told me that he used to sleep the way I do. Maybe thats why I love him when he sleeps. My dad loves him so much. Sometimes it is so hard to explain but deep inside I know animals have feelings too. In anyways, he has manners, he pee and pooh at the toilet. He loves to play with our dog, but I failed to capture that moments. Our neighbors used to say that it was odd, dog and cat playing and it is very rare.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


My Precious Goes to UAE

Thursday, August 5, 2010

We've been together for 2 years. Being there for me, capturing every single moments of my life, every happy and sad moments. Witnessed my hardships and happiness, were together through thick and thin. I thought we will not going to be apart, however, time can really change everything in our life. Its been 5 days since my precious cellphone leaves for UAE. I don't have any reasons to disagree with this, because I am the one who volunteered to send it there, for my brother. I can't find anything that can help him fight his homesick, so somehow, having my cellphone can ease what he feels, with the games and other features of it. How I hope that I am the one in his place, overseas, but luck can't find me and I can't find it too. I can't blame life for being unfair, because I know in the end of the road, I have my own destination. As for my precious cellphone, hope you captured many beautiful places in there and send it to me over facebook for me to be happy here, knowing your in good hands and you take good care of my brother. See you in the next two years or hopefully much earlier than that. Hope luck can find me in much earlier time.

Very usable phone for me. Photo quality is fair enough. Modem for my laptop so I could surf the net anywhere I want plus its 3G network, WLAN/WIFI feature, mp3 and movie, plus a headset that could not hurt my eardrums even in full volume.
Whew, such a drama huh!!! I am not insane guys, just being dramatic lately. Maybe this is the result of something or someone precious to you, being far. Anyways, as a replacemet, I bought another cellphone, with camera also, although not that good but I can live with it. I just needed a phone that can provide my daily needs, calling and sending SMS.


Top Entrecard Droppers for July 2010

Monday, August 2, 2010

As I promised in my previous post, I am very happy and thankful to post my Top Droppers for the month of July 2010. This is my first batch having the privilege of free badge display or free advertisement for a month (125 x 125 badge on my left sidebar). I have said that I will be including your badges if you have not less than 20 number of drops and will be posting the screen of my top droppers statistics. Here it goes:

Since this is the first time, I will be displaying all my top 10 droppers badge on my sidebar. Thank you very very much guys and hoping that I can help increasing your PR and have lots of visitors. Until the next Top Entrecard Droppers day.


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