Chocolates and Me

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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"Chocolates are good for the heart", I think I have read this somewhere. Yeah, I agree...and chocolates are always the one given to a girl together with flowers. Hmm, I wondered why then and later on I discovered that chocolates have this good effect on our emotions. I think I also read this somewhere. lolz. But the thing I am surely know, I love Chocolates!

The one thing that I have discovered about chocolates and me is that every time I ate chocolate, I will sneeze. Yes, any chocolate. Is it allergy? Ahh, I really can't explain. I don't even noticed something like allergies on skin or whatever. I am not bothered going to a doctor, because, well, it's just a one or two sneeze after my first bite or sometimes after I ate the whole chocolate that I have in hand. Anyways, I am just sharing. Maybe someone out there have the same experience too. If, yes, I am hopeful to know if there is an explanation about this.


BC Bloggers: What am I Grateful for Recently?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Everyday must be wonderful for all of us but there are times we feel down and hate the day so much. Well, that's normal I think. That's what makes life balance. 

What am I grateful for recently is that my husband and I just got our copy of our wedding photos and videos. Happy to see them. Yes, we have a new life to start. The results are wonderful. We are very much satisfied. Thanks to Jommar S. Lopez Digital Photography. Also, I want to thank all my friends, relatives, officemates and all the people who witnessed our special day for their presence, we appreciate your full support and efforts.


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BC Bloggers: Food that Takes Me Back to my Childhood

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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Childhood memories are always precious. We tend to smile once we remember one, isn't it? One of the best reminder: FOOD. Once we eat or see a food that means a lot to us especially reminding us of our childhood, we always smile or tell our friends about it. For me, that food is COTTON CANDY. Different colors, cotton-look-a-like, seems yummy to eat. I can't forget the first time I bought and ate a cotton candy. I always thought of it as cottony, mouth-watering but eventually, it makes thorny feeling on my tongue. Funny but I liked it of course. I never thought of a kid not wanting this candy. From the colorful appearance up to its sweet tastes, no kid would ignore it. Until now, I really don't know what are the ingredients of this one, only I know, of course theres a lot of sugar and maybe food colors. I don't know either how it is made. All I knew is  it is made through a machine that maybe designed for making cotton candies. It's like magic to me really.


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