10 Most Coveted Technologies

Friday, September 4, 2009

Solution providers will join two to three vendor partner programs this year mostly to gain access to new technologies and products according to Channel Insider/Mototrola Partnership Study. Here are the 10 technologies most desired by solution providers.

10. Point of Sale
Point of sale solutions and inventory management systems are in hign demand among retailers who are retooling to increase operational efficiencies and save money. POS provides an interesting opportunity for solution providers with hooks in the retail market.

9. Wireless Devices
Mobility remains the name of the game in the evolving workplace. Devices that enable workers to seamlessly roam and remain connected are highly desired by enterprises.

8. VOip/Voice Networking
Telephony costs continue to hang on businesses of all sizes, particularly those with remote and mobile wokforces. The need for better and more integrated voice networking services continues to grow, making an attractive opportunity for solution providers.

7. Virtualization
Many technology conversations nowadays begin and end with "virtualization". The technology that optimizes and extends the usefulness of data center technology is hot and shows no signs of slowing down.

6. Enterprise Mobility
Handheld scanners, mobile printers, hardened computing devices are in big demand by government agencies particularly emergency first responders and companies such as shipping and transportation. The opportunities are rich, but dampened by the need for vertical expertise.

5. Blade Servers
Blade servers are the new backbone of the data center, giving users the ability to scale and maintain infrastructure. Big server vendors are quickly developing new, virtualization-friendly blades. The replacement opportunity for conventional services means solid sales potential.

4. Digital Signage
Digital signage may not seem like the sexiest technology, but it's a big opportunity. Businesses from retail stores to airports to restaurants are replacing print signs with digital displays. Digital signage is under-distributed giving it a lot of room for growth.

3. Managed Services
Managed services is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative segments of the channel. Increasing competition especially by large vendors such as Dell and high expense of starting a MSP does make entry challenging.

2. Smart Phones
Smart phones such as Apple's iPhone, Blackberry Curve and the forthcoming Palm Pre are putting more mobile applications in the hands of users. Businesses are looking for greater support and that's opening vast opportunities for solution providers.

1. Software as a Service
Analysis say the SaaS and hosted application market will top $66 billion by 2012. Solution providers are finding rich opportunities, but the business model isn't always easy to adopt and implement.



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