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Friday, September 18, 2009

I never know how love can affect my entire life. At my age of 25, I am still looking forward to a happy life in the near future with the one I really love.

When the heart is lonely, it is not at home
It longs to dwell in a place where it can rest securely.
It wishes to be where it is
cared for,
dignified, and
encouraged to excel.

It is interesting to observe what men do in order to find
a home for their hearts
Some tried to make wisdom as a dormitory for their hearts.
They strive for degree after degree. Yet the heart remains dull.

Many attempted to place their hearts in mansions of gold.
They filled its pockets with mammon and silver. Still the heart is heavy.

Others sought pleasure as a den for their lonely hearts.
They filled their hearts with mirth. They entertained it with songs, food, and wine.
But the heart refuses to smile.

My heart knows the way to its home. It will never rest till it reaches
the doorsteps of Your heart, for my heart belongs to Your heart.
There Your sweet, soft voice will be my music;
Your love will fill my heart with delight;
Your caring words are wisdom to me;
and You, my treasure.

Kaduna Nigeria


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