10 Things You Don't Know About Hair

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Being a woman, one of the best assets that I could think of is our hair. My mom said that I have this very good hair strands since I was a child but upon aging and reaching my high school days, it became less healthy, I could say. Why? Because I have this bald top, the one that if you are on the top seat next to mine, you would laugh seeing my top head. There you could see my scalp directly. I have used all possible shampoos and techniques that I could think of and others recommended but theres no way of bringing it back to my old good hair. I don't even know the main reason why I got this problem but I am thankful of course that my hair is still straight even the strands are thin. I am worrying of brushing my hair because of hair falling. I am afraid that it could make my problem worse. Last year I got my hair curled, then after that I got my hair rebonded. Some says it is not advisable but I take all the risk in the name of beautification. Well, experiments are not bad and as I've learned that my baldness could be hided, making styles different hair styles.
As I was browsing some magazines, this trivia portion caught my attention because of my interests on hair researches and informations. It is sometimes good to read some trivias and make sounds like "ahh that's it!" or "oww, is that true?" My brother keeps on laughing at me when I am on that mood of reading because he said it was just me, reading but its like as if  I am talking with someone. Here we go guys, just read and be amazed. :D
1. Children loose an average of 90 strands of hair a day. This count increases to 120 for adults.
2. Scalp hairs grow at a rate of 1 to  1.5 cm per year.
3. The average scalp has 100 thousand to 150 thousand hairs.
4. The life expectancy of hair is 3 years or over 60 cm.
5. Hair is the second fastest growing tissue in the body after bone marrow.
6. A single hair strand can support up to 100 grams in weight and a whole head of hair can support up to 12 tons-equivalent to 2 african elephants.
7. Africans and Europeans are more prone to balding than Asians.
8. The word shampoo comes from the Hindi CHMPN which means to massage or knead.
9. 1 cm of your hair holds all your personal record of the past month.What you ate, drank and the environments your were in.
10. Melanin gives hair its color. These are made up of dark (eumelanins) and yellow (phaeomelanins) granules called melanocytes that mix together to obtain different shapes of hair color.
image from: google images


Anonymous,  December 24, 2011 at 2:04 PM  

This was super useful info for my salon thanks!

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