BC Bloggers Meme #2: How Much Time Do You Spend on Facebook?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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A lot!!!

I could say that I am a facebook addict. Why? It is because I can't resist the urge to check my account every 5 minutes. Even in my office hours, I spend a lot of time checking updates and status of my friends (but ofcourse not affecting my job). Actually I don't have that lots of friends like others having thousands. At first, I don't really know how to use this social networking site, I thought it is more complicated but when I tried it once, it became addicting, adding the convincing powers of my friends to just even try it once. That once did a great effect on me. It is more user friendly than what I am using and honestly saying, I could not even open my old social networking account because my attention is on facebook. 
Almost all of my friends, classmates, relatives and people I know have an account and all of the news about lives are almost posted on their walls. I even have met my cousins and other relatives on this network, having them unknown to me since birth. So there's no way on resisting what facebook could offer. Adding the photos and video uploads, where sometimes are helpful finding who you wants to find. What I think is that, some government offices could easily trace a person just by looking at the person's accounts (if they are using their real names). But ofcourse it could not be that accurate. 
For now, I am using this free instant messenger linking to my facebook, YM, gmail and other accounts. It is more helpful because I don't need to open my account just to check for updates, messages and invites because this messenger gives me pop up notices on my desktop if one of my friend updated or posted something. I even use this for facebook chatting. Using this almost lessen my urge to open my account every minute.
Well, summarizing, FACEBOOK is GREAT!!! Everyone would agree but using this should not affect our everyday chores. There are lots of sites for us that could even help us earn money while browsing, just like blogging. It could also be linked to facebook. So just try and facebook could be helpful.


Thanks to last week's participants!


ladyguinevere28 May 25, 2011 at 3:42 AM  

wow.. its really a lot. Anyways I cant blame you for that. There are a lot of things you can do in FB. Well just control it.

Paula May 29, 2011 at 4:50 PM  

I got inspired by a lot of participants that said they can control logging on to FB. I wish we can cure our addiction, sis. hehe

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