Thursday, February 19, 2009

In going out like, going to malls, hanging out with friends, going to work and etc., I use to bring my ever heavy bag. I also prefer on bringing larger one for my things to fit in. I am the kind of person that cannot go out without this and without that (always ready like a girl scout), so even how heavy my bag will be, I will still bring it as long as I have all my things on it. Even if I am not going to use all the things inside, I still feel comfortable on bringing it because for all I know, there are some emergencies in our everyday life that we will be needing things and it is always feel good if you have bring a thing. For example is when going out without my umbrella in my bag (folded one) that I use to bring everyday and missed to bring it on the day when I am having an emergency field work, I will regret on not bringing it because umbrella still is usable under the rain or even under the sun. But as it is said that too much is not always as good as we thought because I have read this article:

A full handbag can weigh as much as 10 pounds, so it's no surprise that carrying one over your shoulder can cause neck and shoulder problems. Try to keep your bag as light as possible and alternate it between shoulders regularly. Better still, opt for a smaller bag that you can swap back and forth from hand to hand.

Oh, what now?


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