Are you a Workaholic?

Friday, September 17, 2010

A successful career is built over a certain period of time that became the main reason of why a person could be a workaholic. What is a workaholic? Hmmm, the simple definition. Workaholics live for their work, often spending many extra hours at work and oftentimes taking work home just to finish it.There are many reasons why a person becomes workaholc and to give some:

1. Societal. Workers don't bother to take vacations partly because of fears they ma not have a job to come back if they do.
2. Technology.Nowadays we live and work in a connected environment making it hard for us to truly get time away from work.
3. Financial. Same reason as societal. Job is important to earn money.

But for whatever reasons we have, workaholism can be a serious condition that can lead to the destruction of families and serious stress related problems.

To identify yourself if you are a workaholic or not, here are the signs:
1. Whenever you delegate a task, you can't let it go because "nobody can do it like I can."
2. When asked the question "Who are you?," you immediately think of five work-related qualities to describe yourself, and virtually none that aren't related to your job.
3. There is no specific time when work ends.
4. Even if you are "off" from work, you're restless and even anxious, thinking about what you need to do when you get back in the office.
5. You replay work conversations in your head all the time, even when away from the office.
6. Work excites you more than anything you have going on in your personal life.
7. You haven't been in touch with family members in weeks,, or months. You haven't been in touch with once-close friends for months, or years.
8. Your family members/loved ones no longer act surprise or dissappointed that you cancel time with them, or are hours late for events. Or get on the smart phone to put out an office fire when you're with them.
9. You think about solving work problems while driving and trying to get to sleep- and while someone else is talking to you about someting completely unrelated to your job.
10. Whatever you do, you're constantly being told it's not good enough. but it's not a boss or customer saying this. It's you.

To help you take away this workaholism:
1. Gravitate toward work that you do for your iwn fulfillment, as opposed to doing it to gain someone else's "approval" or simply to make money/advance in position.
2. Establish clear boundaries between your work and private life. Set aside "no work zones"within your home physical space, as well as during certain times of the day. And that includes calling up your work e-mails.
3. Leave work at work. Spend time with family, friends discussing other topics instead of office "war stories."
4. Build a fulfilling life away from work. Volunteer, join activity clubs that interest you, set personal goals to achieve non-work related "life milestones" anything to get you productive, occupied and happy doing something that has nothing to do with your job.


Patricia September 19, 2010 at 5:55 AM  

Am ever a workaholic!
now a bloggaholic on top of

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