Once Upon a Time in Baclaran

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Once upon a time...(ooopps...sounds like a cinderella story huh :D )...there was me and my friends went to Baclaran church to attend a mass and eventually after that may have some things to buy for ourselves. Baclaran is one of the most visited place in Metro Manila, not only because of the well-known Baclaran Church, the home of Our Mother of Perpetual Help but also because it has the number of dry goods and flea markets (tiangge) surrounding it where we could buy anything from clothes, electronics, home decors and traditional medicines at very affordable prices. Wednesday is Baclaran day meaning if we will go there on that day of the week, we could witness a huge crowd gathering there to attend the mass. Trivia: once you visit a church for the first time, it is said that before you go inside, you must utter a wish and that wish will come true. In my four (4) years of stay in Manila, it is a shame to tell that it was my first time to visit the church. I've been hearing it since my elementary years and yet I could not get a time going there. The reasons, I don't know how to get there, I don't know where it is located exactly and I can't convince someone to accompany me. Going in a place solo is not fun and I am confessing that sometimes I am afraid to go somewhere I am not used to know without anyone beside me. Due to traffic jam, we are late for the last mass that morning. We arrived at the church at exactly 15 minutes before it ends. We spent an hour inside the church, wondered and amazed on how big it was, dreaming to walk on that long aisle wearing a white gown and someone was waiting for you on the altar. Now that was what we call day dreaming. hehehe.

Anyway, to continue the story. An hour later, we are one of the crowds looking for something to buy. Like in Divisoria, Baclaran is a noisy place. You could hear a lot of music loud playing on the background and sometimes we could not stop ourselves to slightly dance on the music. There was this small stall selling slippers and managed by an old lady. While waiting for one of our colleagues buying staff for herself, we stand in front of that stall, slighty dancing and heard the old lady says "Hey, stop dancing in front of my goods, if you want to dance, go there on the middle of the road!" Aw, that was rude or do we really have the mistakes. Our next stop is in stalls of sunglasses. No funny moments there. Next is on RTW shirts. We spent almost an hour picking and buying but upon looking on the face and hearing the voice of the seller, I could say she's pissed of. Why again? Oh Oh I really don't know. Next stop, just looking, wondering on the beauty of the dress selling by an old man. We asked on how much it cost, hold the item for a second then decided we are not going to buy it. We said our thank you and leave the stall then heard the old man say "You four ladies, looking on my goods yet you are not going to buy! Go home!" Ouch again, watta attitude? We can't really explain. We are customers and as far as I know "Customers are always right." But on that experience, I am afraid I can't really go there alone. People are not that hospitable or maybe we are totally not lucky that day. What an experience but I could say at the end of that day, exhausted but enjoyed and satisfied.


gelai September 28, 2010 at 8:38 PM  

ahaw ang saklap naman ng experience nyo... :(

sweetdonut October 1, 2010 at 9:41 PM  

i would love to visit the place still. i found cool and cute things to give as gifts. if i am going to visit manila soon, i'll visit the place.

winter gurl October 2, 2010 at 7:13 PM  

ic , your place still have the old mini bus. very cute and peace city . No traffic

Josie October 2, 2010 at 9:26 PM  

katakot dun dami din mando (as in mandurukot and mang-aagaw) kakahiya lng sabihin sa english eh,.so lagi ingat..

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