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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Working is too far different from studying. That's what I've realized, a year after I got my first job. Growing up, I've always wanted for the best life for me and my family. I've always dreamed for a new house, new environment, lots of money, etc. And in my 5 years of working, I could say that I may not have made them all came true, I am proud that my family is not the same as what we are way back then. Brought by so many consequences, it is so real that life do change as time do pass by.
In a simple life like mine, I have used to buy things that I thought I could be so happy if I have them and experience what others have. Like, having the latest cellphone, laptops, TV, DVD players, MP3's, MP4's, video cams and etc.. Well, all of them could make our lives easy and stylish of course. I may not be looking and buying those branded gadgets, (well I am more on specs) but I am so used to analyze of what they could do for me. Yes, I've enjoyed so much using those things but in the end, I also realized that I could not ignore my family's request. My cellphone, last year, goes to Dubai with my brother (My Precious Goes to UAE), my laptop goes to my parents, as well as my other things, well I am so miserable if I would think that nothings left for me. But somehow, teached me that happiness is not in those things but in what you have inside your heart. Be happy and contented on what you have even how simple it may be.
Wondering what I have now???
My Gadgets
Yes! That's the simplest truth. Back to the simplest cellphone and my old toy, Brick Game. hahaha, most importantly, I could enjoy every minute of my life and could sleep early at night. No more chats, movies at night, no more cellphone games and other things. 


EINz September 10, 2011 at 7:30 PM  

Yep, be content and be more practical. real happiness comes from giving, ryt? =)

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