How to Please your Superior

Friday, January 2, 2009

Normally, an individual gets promotions, salary increases and their incentives based on efficiency and performance. But, believe it or not, ne very significant factor why some people are easily promoted is the willingness of the individual to foster an excellent working relationship with his superior. If the employee and the employer agree on many things, the rapport between them will always be there. If their ideas complement each other, both of them will be happy in their work and most likely advancement on the part of the employee will surely follow.

Here are some steps that may assist you in trying to help yourself as you help yourself as you help your superior:
1. Identify the goals of your superior. Your purpose in working is to help your superior accomplish his objectives. To identify the objectives is sometimes difficult because some are expressed and others are implied. If they are implied, you have to find out for yourself. If these are expressed, then you have to internalize them.
2. Support your superior. You can always express loyalty in many ways. Even if you have your own ambition to fulfill, you should not forget that you were hired because your superior believes that you can contribute to his success.
3. Help you superior to solve problems, big and small. Difficult times always come anytime in any organization. In this crisis the person most affected is the superior. You should make your superior feel that you are there beside him in times of trouble. You can do this by thinking some possible solutions to the problem at hand.
4. Reward your boss. Many times, the people being praised are always the ones who belong to the rank and file. You should not forget that all of us are human beings who want to be recognized of the exemplary performance we have done. Nature dictates that recognition from our loved ones, people who are close to us; make us feel secure and confident. This inspires us to move on and on and work hard to achieve more success.

Hope this can help guys... :)


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