Salary Negotiation - Tips for FAIR Pay

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I have read this and loved to post for those who are jobless and looking for a job...Hope this can help for a fair salary pay...

Salary negotiations can be the most dreaded part of any job, new or old. But having the right approach can make the process much easier and less frightening.
Whatever the circumstances, experts say there are principles employees must follow for successful salary negotiation: being prepared, reasonable and confident.
Likewise,they say,there are common barriers to successful salary negotiation,including closed-mindedness and poor communication skills.

1. Always be prepared to negotiate.
Being prepared is one of the key ingredients to a successful salary negotiation, according to experts. For one, knowing your fair market value is one way of being prepared. It's always better to negotiate salary from a position of strength as provided by your data.
Consider bonuses, health insurance and other company benefits, as opposed to a better-than-average basic salary. Experts point out that there is less appetite among employers to just offer higher basic pay.
Company employers or job seekers must also be reasonable.They must have justifications for what they are asking; they must be clear and fluent about why they deserve it without sounding defensive.
Talking salary makes most people uncomfortable, experts aver, so embracing such talks often suggests confidence and establishes respect. Those who are comfortable stand out as having more self-esteem because they're willing to address an issue most people aren't willing to. Some are willing to take what they get and are hesitant to be their own advocate.

2.Don't get discouraged
Besides knowing what to do, it's also useful to know what to avoid when it comes to salary negotiations, experts say.Poor communication skills can also be a death knell. You can be brilliant, but if your delivery is poor, that works against you. How you carry yourself, elocution, grammar...all those things matter.

3. Consider negotiation before accepting a job offer.
After you receive a job offer, there is typically a lot of room to negotiate salary and benefits. Remember, salary negotiation after a job offer is the best time to take control of the situation.Once you have accepted the job offer, your chances to negotiate are typically tied to performance reviews.
source: women's journal


webbielady January 27, 2009 at 2:28 PM  

now that the economy is down, i think it would be very difficult to demand more than what was satted in the job offer as the salary....sad reality.

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