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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Show you care

Fragile. Handle with care.
That's the sign on everyone of our relationships. Our friends. Our romantic partners. Our work colleagues.
Relationships are fragile,as misunderstandings and bruised egos can easily break them. Just the lack of handling with care can signal to somebody that you do not care and call into question the value of the relationship.
Show you care. That's the top job in any relationship. Say it. Show it. Do it.

Love Power
Is there anything more powerful than your heart? When we love, we can move to defy terrors that would otherwise make us runaway. There is no force as powerful as love.
The best part is that we have infinite amounts of love to give and there is enough for everyone, as long as we choose to love.

Praise Loudly, Blame Softly
Whether you are a spouse or a supervisor, a friend or a colleague, praise is always most effective when shouted from the tops of the trees. A person likes to be praised, but even more, he likes others to know what impressive thing he has done. And he'll do more if he values the praise.
Regardless of your relationship with a person, blaming softly is more effective. If you raise the stakes by making a spectacle of a person's errors, you will only make him hate you and perhaps seek revenge.
And most likely you will not inspire him to correct the mistake and do better next time. A quiet word just might move him to avoid future errors...especially if he sees how loudly he might be praised if he gets it right.
source: woman's journal


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