Card Payment and WIFI on Board

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I am a weekly passenger of buses from Manila to Batangas and vice versa. In my first year on job, I am lucky to have my first credit card. At first I think it is better than having a cash on hand, somehow, nobody can steal it and use it immediately since this kind of payment were only accepted on malls. But nowadays, it is not safe. By the time credit cards are starting to bloom here in the Philippines, I thought of credit card payment on buses. I don't even think of making it possible. My habbit while I am sitting and waiting for the bus to leave is to observe the surroundings. One time I spotted the banner on the other side of the road and shocked to what I've seen. Credit card payments are soon to be accepted plus WIFI on board. Whew, I think when I ride the buses having this WIFI facility, I don't want to go home. haha. I am paying 50 pesos a day just to have an internet at home.

Proof that our country is not behind the technologies. People are also adjusting with this modern facilities and we cannot deny the fact that internet and credit cards are important. :D


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