The Vampire Diaries: Caroline's Love for Matt

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Love sometimes is difficult to express. No one could ever explain even the miracles of it. But sometimes in our lives, there are times that we need to express it in different way just to prove it. Sometimes we need to show our hidden talents just to make that special person realize how much love we had for them. That was amazing, very much amazing.
I am a big fan of The Vampire Diaries. Every week I used to wait for the latest downloadable episodes (since we have no Cable connection at home). I had read the books and became interested watching the series since it became controversial then, conflicting the Twilight series. For me, they were both fantastic, having the same theme but different styles of course. Anyway, last night, I am so excited to watch the latest two episodes of season 2 (ep. 15 and 16). After a week of busy schedules plus the week of sadness for our family,I want to just sit and relax. But it was too boring so I decided to just watch the episodes before I go to sleep. Well, 2 hours is bad enough if I would just sit and do nothing, isn't it?
To make my story short, I love Vampire Diaries because of episodes full of twists. I love the Salvatore brothers the most, Damon and Stefan, adding Elena Gilbert, her best friends Bonnie and Caroline. I love Caroline for her being confused of her life but being a good friend for Elena. She became a vampire alone and knows how hard it is if you have this kind of secret that you could only rely to yourself. But then, the Salvatore brothers makes it easy for her, especially Stefan. He help her control the urge of needing human blood. She has this feeling for Matt before she became a vampire but sadly, she could not tell the truth to Matt. Their relationship have this twisting from yes and no, even though they truly have their feelings for each other. That was why I realize to post this Caroline scene singing a song for Matt. It was so great. She is a great singer huh...I love her voice. This is what I am saying, talents must be shown for your love to be expressed.
It is great to have your Daily Notes at hand
for special days like this.


Eric Manila Blog March 1, 2011 at 12:18 AM  

I used to watch this series...unfortunately, I can't anymore due to busy schedule :(

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