When I met Hachiko: The Faithful Dog

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Me and my friend have watched the movie "Hachiko: A Dog's Story" last night. I actually am not familiar with the movie until one of my officemate told me. I already have been hooked knowing that it is about a dog, and all my life, I love dogs and cats very much.
Watching the movie, seriously, makes me feel that I am the one taking care of Hachi, and dreaming to have a dog like him, so cute, adorable and loyal. The story begins with young students telling story about their "Hero" and one of the student is the grandchild of Parker, the one who find Hachi at the train station. The child told the beginning of where they think Hatchi came from and how his grand father take his time finding the one who owns Hatchi. No one claims Hatchi and everyday that he was with the dog makes him more closer of keeping him. Time goes by and Hatchi learns the routine of walking together with Parker to the train station every morning, returning home and comes back to the train station every 5PM to meet Parker and they walk home together making Hatchi well known on that train station. Every persons he passed by would great him and they know where will Hatchi go. One of the traits he found about Hatchi is he refuses to do the normal dog-like things like chase and retrieve a ball. Suddenly one day, it seems like Hatchi don't want Parker to leave, and do the chasing and retrieving the ball which makes Parker happy that he see Hatchi do it for the first time. It is odd for him, but he is happy, he told Hatchi to go home but Hatchi refuses, until he ride the train, hatchi go home and returned to the train station at 5PM, but Parker did not arrive. He died. But Hatchi still waited for him not knowing that he don't have to wait anymore.
The rest of the story is so sad that keeps my tears roll over and over. It is at the end that we realized that it was a true story. Hachi has a statue because of him being faithful. It is a sad night to sleep and until I woke up this morning, I am sad when I thought about the movie. It is certainly for dog lovers.


icedgurl February 17, 2011 at 10:57 PM  

i really love this movie!! it made me cry a lot! huhuhuhuhu
how i wish i have a dog like Hachiko. **wink**

TrEkKiNg oN A MudDy RoAd!! ItS A RaiNy FriDaY AfterNooN! HaPpy bLogGinG! :]

czaroma February 18, 2011 at 1:14 AM  

my lil sis told me the story about this movie and she loved it too.

Fish lover February 20, 2011 at 6:26 AM  

Hi,was adgitizing then I see this picture of hatchi. I'm a dog lover also or pet lover. Thanks, I have to see this movie soon.

Fish lover

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